WSWPLA Tournament Participation Information

This information is a part of the Trustee Packet, reprinted here for convenience of the trustees to respond to questions from their respective club members.

  • Each month the draw is made by the Tournament Director and entrants are placed in flights according to their USGA handicaps. The draw also determines starting time and pairings which will be sent to your State Trustee via email prior to the sweeps. Pairings and tee times will also be posted on the WSWPLA website.

  • Golfers should be at the golf course ready to play at least one half hour before starting time and on their designated tee, ten minutes prior to the starting time.

  • Participants in tournaments are responsible for their own cart reservations and rental costs at golf clubs unless otherwise noted on the tournament entry form.

  • The official W.S.W.P.L.A. score card provided at registration must be used and completed for each tournament. Players should exchange official score cards with someone in their playing group. Your score card must be dated, signed and attested before it is turned in. no changes can be made to any of the scores on any of the 18 holes after a card is signed and turned in. (the scoring committee checking the score cards may make corrections to the sum of the scores but not to any individual hole score).

  • After finishing play, a player completes and turns in her OFFICIAL SCORE CARD to the Scoring chairperson BEFORE PUTTING CLUBS AWAY, EATING OR LEAVING THE COURSE. This will assist the scoring committee to complete the posting of scores and selection of winners in a timely manner.

  • Do not post your score on the GHIN system. This is the responsibility of the Tournament Chairperson. Scores will be adjusted by the Tournament Pairing program on the computer and posted directly to GHIN.

  • Any entrant who wishes to scratch after the days play write SCRATCH across the official score card, sign it and turn it in to the Scoring chairperson before leaving the course.

  • An entrant into W.S.W.P.L.A. tournaments must be familiar with the U.S.G.A. Rules of Golf.

  • ALL QUESTIONS ON RULES should be referred to the Rules Chairperson. Participants should pick up a rules sheet at registration before start of play. All rules questions should be settled before signing or attesting the score card.

  • LOW GROSS AND LOW NET of the field is paid in each tournament. During regular tournaments winners in each flight are paid according to a pay out schedule approved by the tournament committee.

  • Refunds are at the discretion of the Tournament Director.
  • If you have any questions or concerns regarding these guidelines, please contact someone on the tournament committee.